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Smoke Stack Fabrications

Our fabricators have mastered the concept of Just-in-time (JIT) one off making, allowing for quicker turn parts in both a wide variety of metal and plastic. Allowing parts to be delivered with the quality, speed, and dependability that our customers have come to know.

We Deliver Quality,
Consistency, and On Time.

We know the cost of having a supplier fall out on a large project or deliver sub par parts out of spec. Because of this we focus on solving those problems specifically with the emphasis on helping our partners out of quick jams and hitting the marks for their customers across the board.

We do simple things but we do them well and sometimes that says enough about a company's work.

Smoke Stack Fabrications has worked with clients in a variety of industries that require strict compliance and adherence to standards protecting design, creation, modification and specific ratings (i.e. IP, UL, NEMA) including:

  • Tight turn castable parts and performant printed parts with high thou tolerance
  • Rapid sheet metal enclosure creation (i.e. bending, hemming, beading, press fitting, tapping) and coating (i.e. paint, resin coating, powder coating)
  • Bent tube (e.g. square, round) based structures with angled notching and MIG welding with coating
  • Quick turn, bent brackets for construction and structural applications
  • Hybrid tooling consisting of metal and plastic seamless integration for variety of machines


We ensure tight tolerance and constant parts that are guaranteed to perform to spec in the extreme conditions they are required to conform to and to fall into full regulatory compliance. This means ensuring not only material but coating and finish compliance depending on spec application.


Smoke Stack Fabrication is experienced with providing fabricated parts, machined parts, and weldments for military that are high-performance and complies with country-of-origin.

Food and Drug (FDA)

With a team of knowledgeable engineers across the hall in Unconstrained Design we can easily adapt parts to conform to a wide variety of material specifications for the food or medical industry ensuring that we can quickly adapt parts for our customers allowing faster, and wider market delivery.

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